This is a beautiful book portraying the love between grandparents and grandchildren. It offers a relatable take on loss and how to celebrate the life of loved ones once they are no longer with us. The story takes us through all four seasons as the main character shares beautiful memories she experienced with her grandpa.

The story opens in spring with her hold holding her grandpa’s hand as they go for a walk, occasionally stopping to take in the nature all around them. As summer arrives, they enjoy lemonade while rebuilding a second hand race track to play with together. As the story moves through each season, you can feel the love these two hold for each other from memory to memory. Grandpa even shares stories of being a little boy in India, homemade treats, and specials ships and tigers. Unfortunately, there is one story grandpa didn’t share. The illustrations do a beautiful job expressing that grandpa has passed away, maybe even suddenly for the little girl. While helping go through her grandpa’s things, she finds a special homemade notebook her grandpa made for her and begins filling it with all of the beautiful memories they shared together. From long walks, ice cream at the park and carousel rides, she reminisces on these adventures on each page.

This would be the perfect read to help littles cope with the loss of a loved one through storytelling, journaling or drawing. It is also a beautiful book for grandparents and parents to read to help have difficult conversations about sickness and death. I love finding books that show loving intergenerational family ties and offer coping mechanisms for hard times. This was a beautifully written and illustrated story through and through.

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