The Camping Trip explores how new experiences can open our minds and offer new opportunities to do things outside of our comfort zones.

Ernestine’s Aunt Jackie invites her on her first camping trip and though she has never been camping, Ernestine is excited and optimistic about this new adventure. After packing all the things Aunt Jackie placed on the camping list, Ernestine is all set to go.

As Aunt Jackie drives Ernestine and her cousin Samantha to Cedar Tree Campground, they read comic books, play cats cradle, and sing along with the radio. Once they arrive, Ernestine realizes how hard it is to pitch a tent and hike uphill, but she also realizes how much she enjoys exploring nature, making s’mores, and wishing upon the stars. Throughout the camping trip Ernestine overcomes some fears and develops a true appreciation of nature.

I loved so many different components of this book. First seeing the representation of a Black family camping was beautiful because is counters an unfortunate stereotype about Black folx camping and swimming. I enjoyed seeing how Aunt Jackie cared for Ernestine when she began missing her Dad and when tasked with exploring new and uncomfortable encounters with nature.This books is perfect for helping children learn to try new things and develop flexible thinking. I also loved that handy dandy packing list that will definitely be perfect for camping trip this summer or in the future.

Stay tuned later this week as I release Little Black Book Nook’s favorite summer reads! What are your go to books for summer time fun?

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